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My name is San Park and I am a fully freelance licensed English speaking tour guide working at the Angkor temples in Cambodia.

 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
welcome to Siem Reap Angkor Wat Cambodia
 I am a locally owned and operated Cambodia family business
 My family has lived in Siem Reap for over 9 generations and have a-
 degree in  tourism and speak fluent English

7Reasons you should choose-

Angkor Temple Guides

  1. Locally Owned and Operated Business: Your money goes directly to the people of Cambodia, and not to some multinational corporation.
  2. Flexible Tours: You decide the tour program (where to go and when)
  3. Reasonable Price
  4. Honesty: Our guides and taxi operators are honest and trustworthy
  5. Local Experience: You benefit from our local experience.
  6. Experience the REAL Cambodia: Travel and meet with local people, rather than be shuttled around in a bus with a large group.
  7. You will be helping the lovely people of Cambodia: The people of Cambodia are incredibly charming and your direct business with Cambodian people will help their economy and the quality of life for many families

license tourist guide

 Quotation of a price :    

( no hidden costs )

  • Quotation of a price:  As marked and customized to your trip

    (Prices are inclusive with no hidden costs)





    One day tours cost between $ 60 to $ 80(1-4 people and 5-8 people) USD 

    Two days  tours cost $ 120 (up to 4 people) to $ 160 (5-8 people) USD 

    Three day tours cost between $ 180 (1-4 people) to $ 240 (5-8 people) USD 


    Package inclusive for all tours:

     Licensed English speaking tour guides 

    • Tour guides know the best places for photos

    • Tour guides will escort you to every temple and provide an explanation during your tour

    • Tour guides are fluent in English and knowledgeable of temples and local villages

    • Adult and children friendly.

    • Experienced and careful Driver and sunset .

    • TOYOTA CAMRY 4 passenger car with Air Conditioning

    • g

    • Vehicles includes Petrol, parking fee, taxes, mineral water

    • Pickup and drop off hotel and airport services

    • Insurance included for all passengers (must wear seat belts)


    You need to buy the government imposed ticket fee for temples to access to Angkor Park. The Temple Passes are purchased directly from the Angkor Park Entrance. The cost for this pass is not included in our tour price. Passes come in three main categories. 

    • 1 day      $37 USD per person
    • 3 days    $62 USD per person
    • 7 days    $72 USD per person

    Children age 12 and under are free. Cambodian citizens are free. Passes can be paid in Riel, Thai baht, and USD in the equivalent USD noted above. Free photos and payment in cash or Visa card

    Note: your ticket covered  Angkor wat-AngkorThom-Ta Prohm -Pre Rup-East Mebon-

    Ta Som-Neak Pean-Banteay Srei-Kbal Spean and Rolous Group.


    Dress code for the temples:  you can wear pants that reach the knee & any shirt that covers your shoulders. You may wish to bring a sarong to change into. No children under age 12 permitted about 3 level of Ankor Wat & Baphoun

  •  .
  • We highly recommend booking tour guide & transportation in advance

  •  To ensure you do not miss out

    • For bookings  
    • Please provide at least one week notice before arriving in Siem Reap-Airport 
    • My tour guide and driver can go to pick you up from Siem Reap airport as well

  • CALL ME AT: WhatsApp

  • (+855)12788354  


  • You are also invited to make your own itinerary! 

  • You need to buy  the government imposed ticket fee for temples  to access to Angkor Park.The Temple Passes are purchased directly from the Angkor Park Entrance. The cost for this pass is not included in our price. Passes come in three main varieties. 
    • 1 day      US$      37  per person 
    • 3 days    US$       62  per person 
    • 7 days    US$       72  per person
    Free photos and pay in cash. or Visa card .Children under 12 years old free of charge.

    Your ticket cover all the temples except  Beng Melea  USD 5

After consideration of the above,please confirm within three days of the 

  date  of this letter to ensure avail-ability.
A seven days cancellation policy applies if a cancellation is received during-
The week previous to the contracted date of service a 20 $ cancellation-
   Fee will apply.
As I am a small business owner please kindly request any cancellation-
Be given no less than seven days in advance of the contracted for date of
You could pay Cambodian money , US$ and EURO
  Currency : Riel ($ 1 US : 4100 Riel )

I can suggest the best Cambodian restaurant in town or nearby the temples,clean,delicious
  •  and reasonable price US$ 5  per person
Enjoy spring solstice at Angkor Wat with San Park, On the 23rd March 
  2017 when the sun will rise over The main tower of Angkor Wat temple.

Temple excursions

A variety of temple tours and cultural walks are available as part of the guest experience. Conducted early morning and late afternoon to avoid the sun and crowds, these outings focus on the temples surrounding Angkor Wat and include Ta Prohm, Preah Khan and Bayon as well as excursions to Banteay Srei (citadel of women). Tailor-made, off-the-beaten-path excursions can also be arranged to suit individual interests and pace, taking guests deeper into the countryside beyond the Angkor park

What can I do for you
Whether you prefer adventure as a passenger riding on the back of a motorbike in the remote Cambodia countryside beyond Siem Reap to hidden Angkor temple or you may prefer comfort traveling in a car, van, 4WD among the more famous Angkor Wat Temple. We can design and deliver just for you an unforgettable Cambodian adventure experience to match your time, your interests, and your budget.

We will arrange your customized Angkor ~ Cambodian travel experience We have the Knowledge and Experience of the big Cambodian adventure tour companies. But we offer Low Cost. And personal accommodation of local independent tour guides. We are English Speaking ~ Cambodian Thinking We’ll give you our advice on good Siem Reap hotels, guest houses, restaurants and services. Travel by , Car, Van, 4WD,  !

Tell Us What You Want to see and to do or Just Ask for our Advice based on our years of experience and unique knowledge of the local community and Angkor or other Cambodian sites

Brief about us

We have been a tour guide since 2004.

I am happy to arrange customized trips to the temple and can offer advice On The best site to visit,in order that you get the most from your holiday






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